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Penis head


I had a romance with a man, I don't know his hiv status

while having romance he ejeculates his sperm on my body and also in my penis head (not on urethra open).

I am worried
Do I need to go for HIV test
and do I need PEP???

Thanks for the help


Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions/concerns. We're happy to help!

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "having romance" so I will outline some different HIV risks for you!

  • Kissing is considered to be a No Risk activity since saliva doesn't transmit HIV.

  • Unprotected penetrative sex is considered to be High Risk For HIV transmission

  • Protected penetrative sex is considered to be Low Risk for HIV transmission. This means that although there are some reports of infection in this way, they're usually under certain identifiable conditions, such as a condom breaking. If the condom was used properly/remained intact, then the risk is greatly reduced.

  • Him ejaculating on your body/penis is No Risk because HIV would have been exposed to the air/environment before contacting you. HIV cannot survive outside of the body, so once it's exposed to the environment it becomes damaged and inactivated and can no longer be passed on or transmitted.

If you're concerned about your HIV status, then a test is the only way to know! HIV tests are considered conclusive at 12 weeks post exposure.

PEP is generally prescribed for high risk exposures, so consult your doctor if you engaged in unprotected penetrative sex. If you're concerned about your exposure in any way and are interested in PEP, speak to your doctor as soon as possible, as PEP must be started within 72 hours of exposure to be effective. If your situation was not high risk, then PEP is likely not necessary.

I hope this helped! For more information about HIV transmission and testing, please visit avert.org. Additionally, visit smartsexresource.com for more information on safe sex.



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