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pep and testing


I know that this question has been asked but still really confused. I had an unsafe dipping incident for about 10 seconds, i was the bottom, when i realized what was going on i immediately stopped it. 48 hr later i was on pep (truvada and isnentress) 4th generation ab/ag w/rfl negative also neg rapid. finished the 30 days, 5 days later went in had another rapid test and 4th generation and both negative. dr told me i was in the clear, he said even antigen or antibody at a low level would of been picked up by the their 4th gen test. I questioned it considering everything i had read on the internet about pep maybe delaying seroconversion. he said i was clear but if i wanted to be cautious i could do another rapid test at 3 months but that he has never seen the 4th gen test right after pep get it wrong. please help. nervous wreck.


Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline.

The window period for HIV testing is considered to begin after the course of PEP is completed. This would mean that for conclusive results you should get a tested 12 weeks after finishing PEP.

About 95% of HIV infections are detectable within 4-6 weeks, so it would also be an option to get tested at this time and then take another test at the 12 week mark.

For more information about HIV you can always visit the AIDS Vancouver website or CATIE.ca.

I hope this information helps to answer your questions.

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