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PEP requirement


yesterday i went to a massage parlour.I am regretting deeply bcoz of that and decided that will never repeat..It was very unhygeinic and had a body to body massage.The girl was topless not naked and i was in my underwear.I wore two underwear actually.She gave me a body massage with her hand and upper part of the body.Then she even gave a handjob without removing my underwear.Finally i ejeaculated myself.

Now i am concerned abt possibilities of hiv infection.As she is a sexworker assuming she is hiv positive.Will i get hiv?
I didn't have any visible wounds in my body.I had rashes in my back for around past one year.will it have any small wounds or opening which is risky?.Also i didn't see any wounds on her hands or body.But will there me small invisible wounds which is also risky?

She had a previous customer and had only 5 minute between my session and previous one.

Please tell me what should i do?.Do i need to take test?

I also concerned whether her nails made any wounds in my body.I started observing a small wound which i didn't observe previous to going there

Do i need to undergo any PEP treatent?


Thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver with your question

It's great to hear that you're interested in protecting yourself and are aware that PEP is an option for people who may have been exposed to HIV.

In the situation you describe, I can say with confidence that this is a no risk encounter and there is no need for you to take PEP for this situation.

HIV transmission occurs only when the body fluid of one person has a direct entry point into the bloodstream of another. In the encounter you describe, it seems that at no point were you exposed to any body fluid from your masseuse, and so there is no risk at all.

Please take a look at our Risk Assessment chart which shows some of the commonly performed activities and associated risks. I hope that this helps you to plan your future encounters in a way that enables you to feel comfortable.

Very best wishes

Wendy (Volunteer)