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PEP taken Still infection After 10month


Infected at 14th July 2015.that was first time, due to tension and heavy drink i did insertive vegina sex for a short duration.after 48hours taken pep medicine. 16th and 17th day didn't taken due to flight travel. and 27th and 28th day. 10 months already passed still HIV negative. But Still sever chronic sore throat, knee pain, fatigue, tired, and mouth ulcer. can't able to work. At 3month taken all std tests, came negative. don't know what to do, coming days. sever fatigue. all blood results taken all came normal. please suggest me.


Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It seems you're concerned about the possibility of HIV transmitting during an encounter, and about the accuracy of some tests you've had after completing a PEP regimen. We're happy to answer your question for you.

If you weren't wearing a condom for this encounter, sex without a condom is indeed considered a high risk activity, meaning that of the transmissions that have occurred, most have occurred due to activities such as these. So it's great you were proactive and went about going on a PEP regimen.

If you've had HIV tests at 10 months, the results of this test are considered conclusive, meaning the results are taken as accurate. PEP regimens, which are usually 1 month in duration, extend the window period for as long as you take them. So if you've taken PEP for 1 month, HIV tests are not considered conclusive until 4 months (or 16 weeks) post exposure. You are presently HIV negative and do not require further testing.

As for the symptoms you are experiencing, we at AIDS Vancouver are not healthcare providers, so cannot comment on them. However, HIV infections are never diagnosed based on symptoms alone, simply because the symptoms of an HIV infection are quite common to many other common medical conditions. Testing is the only way to diagnose an HIV infection. If you're concerned about any symptoms you're experiencing, we'd encourage you to see a healthcare provider. So it's great you've already gone for testing.

Thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your question, we hope it has been answered fully.


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