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PEP? warranted HIV test ?


I had an encounter with someone online, i kind of hate myself for it, but please address my concern.
i am a male i was with another male, first time.

1. mutual unprotected handjob (unfinished)
2. unprotected rubbing penes for about 1 min ( not head to head contact) unfinished.

3. protected mutual oral sex for about 1-2 min (unfinished)
4. protected attempting insertive anal sex, unsuccesfull penetration due anxiety and my pene got soft.
i attempted to penetrate him, 3 times and it could not go in, he had little bit of lube on his ass.

5. i finished myself
6. he never finished himself.

7. I brought my condom to my place, and filled it with water for a leakage test.
it was intact, not leak, no tear,no break...


Should i go for an HIV duo test at 28 days? if negative should i trust it?
Do you see any potential hiv exposure on the situation i just described you?
Did i protected good enough ?


Hi there and thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your questions! We're happy to help.

I will begin by addressing the concern of risk for each of the numbered activities you listed, then I will answer your questions.

1) Handjobs are non-penetrative masturbation and are No Risk

2) This would also be No Risk

3) Receiving unprotected oral sex is considered to be a negligible risk. What this means is that technically you could make a case for there being a risk involved, however, no one has ever acquired HIV in this manner. Giving unprotected oral sex is considered to be low risk. This means that there have been a few cases of HIV transmission in this manner, but they're usually under certain identifiable conditions. For example, someone having major wounds in the mouth (point of entry for the virus). In your case, you were engaging in protected oral sex, which diminishes any associated risks greatly.

4) This would be negligible risk since there was no penetration involved.

5) No risk as there's no exchange of bodily fluids

6) No risk as there's no exchange of bodily fluids

HIV duo tests are considered to be conclusive by most specialists at 6 weeks, but are still considered officially conclusive in Canada at 12 weeks. At 28 days however, they give very accurate results, and your result is unlikely to change from that point onwards. Your risk level was negligible at most, so testing may not be necessary. However, if you're concerned, then a test will help to ease your mind, plus we encourage sexually active individuals to get regular STI testing regardless.

Great job on using a condom, as they're the best way to protect yourself against HIV and other STIs!

I hope this helped! Sincerely, Christina

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