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Protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex - risk and symptoms?


Hi, I am deeply concerned about the HIV test that I gave blood for currently. Totally paranoid, can't sleep and symptoms match so perfectly I have given up any hope for negative result. I had a protected vaginal intercourse and an unprotected oral sex from an escort in the middle of august. In the month of September I noticed my lipomas increasing on my body. One grew on jawbone so I got it checked by a doctor and he suggested that was not lipoma but mostly swollen lymph node as it decreased in size as well that was early october (7 weeks). Then I got rash on my back like 2 cms which soothes when I apply cream. On middle of october I got annual blood word done and also took flu shot and tdap vaccine. I got very tired that weak, extreme fatigue. Met doctor again and she suggested wait a week if symptoms improve. It did not I got an ultrasound done end of october , it noticed enlarged liver but nothing else. first week of november (11 weeks), doctor suggested I take hiv test as symptoms are very similar to hiv, I am not waiting for results but completely losing my mind over being positive. More read online about symptoms mine match with most of them. I get joint pains, sometimes shortness of breath. I am not sure about escort's status but I am very much afraid whether I caught anything and gave it to my wife in september when there were no symptoms and since I had protected sex I did not even think about catching it. Of course I am waiting for my test results which it seems would take a week as they do both elisa and western blot, but I would like to know your opinion about my situation.



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the risk of acquiring HIV from protected vaginal intercourse and unprotected oral sex. From the information given, this scenario is determined to low risk (Evidence of transmission occurs through these activities when certain conditions are met). This is deemed to be low risk as there is a potential for HIV transmission because they involve an exchange of body fluids.

In regards to the symptoms you are feeling, HIV symptoms mirror other viral infections (such as the flu) or can be due to other things, the only way to know if they are HIV symptoms is to get tested for HIV. It was responsible of you to get this checked out with the doctor and to get tested for HIV. The ELISA and Western Blot both have an accuracy of about 99.6%.

Recommendation: As you have already had the HIV test, our recommendation is to wait for HIV test results and refer to a physician for other health related questions.

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Ashley