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I am scared. Please help me!!!


5 weeks ago, a sex worker gave me oral sex and lick my anus, and we have sex with condom after. 1 day later, i have incurred penis infection which is red, itchy and swollen. few days later, I had sex with a different sex worker and I also use condom. However, My penis made direct contact with the outside of her vagina and my penis had infection at that time. after 5 days, i had sex with my girl friend with condom but my penis made direct contact with the outside of her vagina too. 4 weeks after that, she had rash all over her body, face, and hair. the first day, doctor said it was molluscan contagiosum. on the second day, the rash becomes much more severe,and another doctor said this is chicken pox. now, she had fever for 2 days and felt very itchy. I am so scared because it is very weird for adult to have chicken pox. And i also some little red rash on my upper part of the body 2.5weeks after exposure. The coincidence really scared me although I had 4th generation test 2.5 and 3.5weeks and result negative. I live my life under extreme fear these few days, and unable to live a normal life. I am worrying i might transfer virus to girl friend, and destroyed her immune system which lead to this severe chick pox like rash. Can you tell me how accurate my previous test result is. and does my girl friend's rash related to me? Please help me, Please. Thank you!!


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline with your questions. We are glad to provide some information

It seems that you are concerned about the symptoms you and your girlfriend are having after having oral sex.

The only way you can determine your HIV status is by getting tested. We encourage you and your partner to get an HIV test at a testing center where you will also receive some counselling. If you are in Canada you can use Catie website to locate a test center close to you. If you are outside Canada you can use AIDS Map to locate HIV testing centers in you area. You can also have an HIV test requested by your doctor.

Receiving oral sex is considered a Negligible Risk activity meaning that although it involves the exchange of body fluids there are no cases of HIV transmission this way.

Giving oral sex is considered a Low Risk activity. This means that there are a few cases that have been reported of HIV being transmitted in this way.

You can get additional information on protecting yourself from the smart sex website.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.


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