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please help ,really worried


Hello there,

I recently had sex with a women that I don't have any knowledge of her HIV status. We had protected vaginal sex and she then later performed oral sex on me with a condom on. After that we started deep kissing each other ( french kissing).
Because we had vaginal sex with a condom and then she sucked my penis ( with condom still on ) , is there any chance that after sucking my penis with the condom still on that she might have gotten vaginal fluids from the condom in her mouth. And she started deep kissing me with her mouth shortly after she sucked my penis.

So my final question is : Is there any chance that her vaginal fluids she gotten in her mouth right after sucking my penis ( that we had vaginal sex with ) , have gotten in my mouth ? and is there any chance that I could have contracted HIV from her vaginal fluids in my mouth like that?


Hi and thanks for the questions. Using condoms for oral and vaginal intercourse is the best defense to stop the passing of the HIV virus. Taking vaginal fluids into your mouth is considered a low risk for transmission of HIV(giving oral sex) and we have seen a few reports of HIV passed to people who give oral sex to another.usually under certain identifiable conditions, such as having pre-existing sexually transmitted infections, poor overall health, including poor oral health. It is important to note that saliva actually breaks down the HIV virus.

While we are quite confident that you will no acquire HIV from the activities that you have shared with us, we do recommend that all sexually active persons regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. You should be commended in your approach to your sexual health and saftey.