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Please someone anyone help me !!


I need an answer to my questions for a long time
Q1: if a guy had an HIV virus and masterbate and after he masterbate imeidetly he accidentally touched a guy in his mouth will the guy get the hiv ? .

Q2 : can the HIV virus survive in the water ? .

Q3 : if a brother and a sister had sex but neither of them had the HIV virus will they get infected with the virus ? .

Please answer my questions I'll be so happy and greatful.


Hello and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

It sounds like you several questions regarding the likelihood of acquiring HIV.

Q1) For there to be a risk of HIV transmission there needs to be a body fluid, an activity such as unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse and a direct access for the virus to enter the bloodstream. Furthermore, the HIV virus is fragile to the point that once it is exposed to air it immediately breaks down and is no longer transmissible. This is what makes it not probably for one to acquire HIV from body fluids that have been left on inanimate objects or simply just exposed to air. Thus, if a guy with HIV masturbates and immediately touches a guy in the mouth, that individual is at No Risk of acquiring HIV.

Q2) As I stated in the answer of question one the HIV virus will become damaged once exposed to air and is no longer transmissible. With this taken into account, the HIV virus is not able to survive in water.

Q3) When it comes to HIV it is important to remember that it is not the individual that increases the likelihood of acquiring HIV, but the action itself. If neither individual had HIV and they were to pursue sexual intercourse both would still be at No Risk of acquiring HIV. However, it is still important to use proper protection if one were to engage in this sort of action.

Thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.

Chris, Volunteer

AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online