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Plz answer blood draw gone wrong !!!!


Before my blood draw, the phlebotomist picked up a used latex glove off the ground and thru it in the garbage can and touched the can with her hands .Then she felt my vein exactly where the puncture sight was going to be. If her fingers had wet or dry blood on them from the latex glove via garbage can then she felt my vein could the needle push contaminated blood into my vein or is it literally impossible to get HIV thru a scenario like this?


Hello there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the possibility of HIV transmission from coming into contact with HIV positive blood, that has previously been on an environmental surface. From the information given, this scenario is determined to be No Risk (transmission of HIV is not possible with the given scenario (No exchange of bodily fluids).

A High Risk scenario would involve the Phlebotomist using a contaminated needle directly without checking the cleanliness of the needle. Sharing used needles is one of the most common ways that HIV is transmitted from person to person.

The scenario above does not provide a risk of HIV transmission. This is because it does not satisfy the 3 components of our HIV Transmission Equation. The equation requires the following to be present in order for HIV transmission to occur: HIV positive bodily fluid (semen, pre-cum, vaginal fluid, anal fluid, blood, and breast milk), with direct access to the bloodstream, through a High Risk, Low Risk, or Negligible Risk activity.

Further, HIV does not survive long outside the body. While the virus can survive over 40 days in a completely sealed environment (i.e syringe), it does not survive long on environmental surfaces, or outside of the body [1]. If one is penetrated with a syringe that contains the HIV virus there is a 0 to 2.3% chance that transmission will occur [1].

Recommendation: There is no evidence or no documented cases of transmission. Refer to a healthcare professional for more personalized answers.

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