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Potential HIV exposure


Well, i recently had unprotected sex with a (trans person) it was insensitive action by me, noting that it was 10 days ago.
he or she is working for paid sex.
also it was one time only even before that time i didn't expose my self to risky sex.
I took RNA test after 2 days but i think from what i read it wont be reliable.
I am planning to have another RNA test after 10+ mark.
Will that be enough?
Should i take another test after 45 days or 3 months?.
Note: i am very stressed over this and i don't have any symptoms of HIV (flue, Rash ....)
I had my dual anti body and RNA test at 10 days mark, the result is negative, am i still at high risk?
Thank you for your support.


Hi and welcome to the Helpline,

It sounds like you're feeling quite stressed about this situation. Please know that many others are going through similar feelings; you are not alone in this.

I'm happy to hear that you got right to getting tested. However, you are right in that your results will not be reliable until after 10-12 days. When you get tested again after this window period of 10-12 days, the results will be 90% accurate. This will be a good indicator of your status, however, the results at this point are not yet considered conclusive. If you re-test at 6 weeks the accuracy will be 95-98%, and then again at 12 weeks the accuracy will be 99% and conclusive.

I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed, but once you take your test at 10 days you can relax a bit more.

I think it may help with your stress to know what exactly the statistics are for HIV transmission: http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/policies/law/risk.html

I wish you the best of luck in your testing


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