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Protected oral / and vaginal ( help )


I recently had oral sex with sex worker. she put a condom on me and started performing oral sex. The condom kind of slipped off a bit because I wasn't erect. I lifted the condom up and pulled it back further, could anything get underneath ? . I tried to insert my penis but only the head was only in for a second. she continued to perform oral sex , we shortly stopped. I removed the condom an went to the bathroom, there was vaginal fluid on the condom and I rubbed my chapped lips with that same hand . my lips were so chapped they were bleeding after. I could smell some vaginal fluid on my face. rite now I kind of feel like I have a bladder infection?

1 - could anything get underneath when I pulled the condom back up , and then into my penis head ?
2- could the vaginal fluid get into my system from my lips or mouth ?



Receiving oral sex is a negligible risk for HIV transmission. This means that although there are body fluids present, there have been no known cases of HIV transmitted in this way. The virus dies once exposed to oxygen, and really requires the airtight confines of a shared needle or unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse.

Despite your lips being chapped, the virus cannot transmit via chapped lips, again, as it was exposed to oxygen and not transmitted via an airtight environment.

Secondary to that, it is important to keep in mind that HIV does not discriminate. It can impact anyone regardless of their profession, socio economic status, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. Commercial Sex Workers are not more likely to have HIV than the person you might take home from a bar on the weekend. Sex workers actually tend to test more often than the average person, as their profession relies on it.

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