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rapid test at 8 then 9 weeks


here is my question I had sex with a csw she put a comdon on me gave me oral then I and vagil sex with her was very fast then on week 5 after I had a bad cold runny nose and a rash on my stomach for 2 days diaria foe 1 day and bad headachs went to the clinic had a rapid test done at 55 days was negative she also took blood at that time don't know why blood or what kind of test it was for the on week 9 I had another rapid test done at a different clinic also negative but she tells me I have to come back on april 20 for another test to confirm now im freaking out what are my chances of it changing


Hi there, thanks for contacting us with your HIV related questions. We're happy to help!

In terms of your exposure, it was Low RIsk because it was protected sex. This means that although there have been a few reports of infection in this way, they're usually under certain identifiable conditions. For example, if the condom broke, that would be a condition. If the condom was used properly and remained intact, then the risk is greatly reduced.

In terms of your symptoms, HIV symptoms are very vague and mimic other viral infections such as the flu. This is why we focus on test results, rather than symptoms. If the symptoms continue to bother you, contact your doctor to figure out what the cause may be.

Now, getting down to your test results. Congratulations on having 2 negative tests, that's such a great sign! Although HIV tests are considered conclusive at 12 weeks, all negative results are a good sign of your actual status. Most people develop detectable antibodies between 21-25 days after exposure. Additionally, the rapid test is around 95% accurate between 4-6 weeks after exposure. Your tests were done after this time, at 8 and 9 weeks post exposure, which means that your results are very very unlikely to change! One more test at 12 weeks should confirm your negative status.

For more information about HIV testing, please visit: http://www.avert.org/hiv-testing or http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/basics/testing.html

I hope this helped to answer your questions!



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