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Really really need help please help


I went to get tested a while ago, it was a rapid test. It was 8 weeks after a negligible risk exposure and about 6 years after a high risk exposure with a girl that has never done anything sexual before and has never experimented with any kind of drugs. It was at a really young age like 10 or so and I'm just really worried, I have multiple sympotoms of aids. I know it can't be determined by symptoms but still worried. Symptoms are: kind of clubbing finger nails. ( I'm mixed black and white and I was told that our nails are different due to genetic mixtures). Also have a white tongue, I don't think it's thrush bc it doesn't bleed when scraped and it doesn't hurt but my entire tongue is white and it's kinda dry almost looks hairy. I have a light brown line on my big toe, not really noticeable. I've been getting sick a little more than usual but idk if that's bc of it or from stress. Really really scared that I have aids, I don't want to die at so young. Can these tests be reliable even after 6 years? Am I still making antibodies? Should I go do the test where they send to lab for 3 weeks? Please help me scared to death please please. God bless.



Thank you for contacting AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.

From your rapid testing results after 8 weeks, this would be reflective of your exposure 6 years ago. According to the BC CDC (Centre for Disease Control) recommendations, HIV testing should be done 3months/12 weeks post risk exposure for conclusive results. Please follow up with your testing at 4 weeks for your results with regards to your negligible risk exposure. With regards to the symptoms you are experiencing, there are no HIV definable symptoms. Please contact your health care provider for assessment and follow up.

Best wishes. Janet AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer