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really worried p


hi guys. for my question u may think i am mad it would be great if u provide some help for my incident. i am a young boy 21 years old n i am so worried about the incident since one of my ftiend told me it is possible. so can u pz help me.

actually i was drivin today and go stopped on a red signal.but unfortunately, on other dide a car hit bike. the biker got seriously wounded and started zo bleed. bad luck ok mine, i have go go through the same way, next lane where accident happened. it was a windy da and i have got acne, pimple and got cut 5 minutes old while shaving.
so i was driving car with window open, so in windy day if blood was blown away and somehow got on my face where i have got pimples and cut, do this put me at risk for hiv.
one more question i got my eyes red may be dueto splashing water. so if somehow blood got into
my eyes, do this put me at risk fo hiv. i would really appreciate fot u quick reply. thanks


Hello, HIV is not passed in the air, HIV does not live outside of a human host and you are not at risk from this accident you witnessed. HIV through the eyes is considered a negligible risk and we have no evidence that this has ever happened. Research and science is still looking into the eyes as a transmission route. HIV needs direct access into your bloodstream from a person living with HIV.

The 3 high risk activities that may pass HIV are, unprotected vaginal intercourse, unprotected anal intercourse, and injecting with shared needles. Acne and pimples on your face or any other area of your body are not direct accesses to your bloodstream. While a friend can say many things, we at the Helpline only pass along up to date facts.