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Received Oral Sex - Negative Test


I wanted to give a brief update and quick question. Few weeks ago I posted that in the past year I had seen 6-7 sex workers and received unprotected oral sex. In my anxiety, I began to feel symptoms that I read online (ie. oral thrush, dry mouth, fever, etc..). This obviously scared me to the point of getting myself tested to finally alleviate my anxiety.

After a week of excruciating anxiety and waiting for the results, I made it a point to visit the doctor to verify the findings. It was indeed negative and I feel relief that I could live normally again.

I do have one other question about my exposure. As mentioned I had 6-7 encounters of oral sex without a condom. The last two encounters were exactly 1 month before I had the test done.

In your expert opinion, do I need to get re-tested again after 2 months to make it 100% sure? Or are my recent test results conclusive?

Thank you for everything your organization does to make us feel at ease and to educate the public.



Thank you for using AIDS Vancouver as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.

Great job in being proactive and taking charge of your sexual health by getting tested. At AIDS Vancouver we are highly trained volunteers but we are not healthcare professionals or medical experts.

The only way to accurately detect HIV transmission is through testing. While receiving oral sex is a neglible risk activity, there have been no confirmed reports of transmission through this activity, there is a potential for HIV transmission as it involves the exchange of bodily fluids. While the large majority of HIV tests present results with a 95% accuracy rate between 4-12 weeks after possible transmission, it is recommended for conclusive results to test at 12 weeks (3 months).

Please let us know if we can provide any more information. Or if you would like to speak to someone at the Helpline, you can do so anonymously and confidentially by calling 604-696-4666, Monday to Friday between 9am-4pm.

In health,