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Receiving Oral and Mutual Masturbation


Hello Sir,
I'm 17 year old male from India.I engaged in some sexual relationships with many men.My risk was receiving oral sex and mutual Masturbation. I tested HIV 9 weeks after the last possible exposure. The test was rapid (SD Bioline).It came back negative. Now I experience some symptoms including chest pain and throat infection.Is this symptoms are related to ARS? Am I at a risk of HIV? I am really scared.Do I need further testing? Does my test turn positive at 12 week? Help me
Thank You In Advance


Hi there,

Thank you for choosing the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of information.

Mutual masturbation puts you at no risk of inquiring the HIV virus. In regards to receiving oral sex, the risk is negligible; meaning that the risk present for transmission is potentially there, however, there has never been a confirmed report of transmission occurring this way.

For a risk to exist, specific HIV positive fluids (vaginal/anal fluids, blood, semen) must come into direct contact with the blood stream of an HIV negative person.

The Rapid HIV Test that you did at 9 weeks is very accurate. With that being said, the World Health Organization guidelines consider all testing to be conclusive at 12 weeks. It is unlikely that your your status will change when you get re-tested. For your own peace of mind, you can indeed get retested once more at 12 weeks, but given that fact that the activities you were involved in are no risk to negligible risk, getting re-tested is not entirely necessary.

In health,

Moe, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer.