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Receiving Oral Sex and touching her body


Dear Sir,
Last two days I got a oral sex with a unknown female sex worker. She gave me BJ but we didn't make any intercourse. So I have read receiving oral sex is low risk but I'm still worry. And one more thing is, while she gave me oral sex, I touch and squeeze her breast and nipples. The problem is my hands are currently now very dry skin and some small cuts due to dryness. I also touch her butt and thigh but I didn't make any fingered to anywhere. I'm worry that small cuts from my hands can transmit hiv from her body by touching? And now is two days from exposure but I really want to test duo test although I have read it's recommend days are 28. But two-three days duo test can how much accurate in percentage? At least, I want to make a test for peace of mind. Thanks an regards.


Hello, receiving oral sex is not considered a low risk, it is considered negligible and there is no evidence that HIV has ever been passed to a person receiving a blow-job. Touching body parts even if you have touch with body fluids and have small cuts is again considered negligible as there is no evidence of HIV being passed in this way. It should be noted that a small cut or break on the skin is not a direct access to he bloodstream.

HIV needs to directly enter the bloodstream from a person living with HIV and the activities of high risk are, having unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse and injecting with sharing needles. While having any HIV test at just 2 days is too early, you are not at any real risk fro exposure and if you are going to have an HIV test, please consider having this testing done during the widow period of between 4 weeks and 12 weeks.

While we are confident you will not be exposed to HIV from the information you have provided, please feel free to contact us at any time, should you have any other questions.