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Recieved rough oral sex...at risk? Test required?


I recently got with a woman. No vaginal/anal sex involved just masturbation, nipple play and kissing (bit of lip sucking but not open mouth) and i recieved oral.

I touched her vulva with my hand, then touched her body. Sucked on her nipples.
She used baby oil to masturbate me. She then performed oral sex on me with a condom. I assume it did not break.
However, it was rough and i recieved some minor tearing and swelling under my glans (im circumsised) despite using condom- is this normal?
I then masturbated myself (vigorously on the affected area- i hadnt seen the tears until after the incident) to ejaculation.

Am i at risk? Do i need to test??
Im worried that vaginal fluid or saliva got into my tears.
Please advise!



Rest assured that these activities do not transmit HIV, despite the presence of a few scratches or tears in your skin. HIV cannot survive outside the human body, on our hands or our skin, nor can it transmit via small surface wounds this way.

Minor tearing is indeed normal, especially during vigorous sexual activity. Also, saliva does not transmit the virus, it actually inhibits or breaks down the virus.

I would not recommend testing for this situation, as your risk level is negligible. What this means is that although there were body fluids present, there are no known cases of HIV transmitted in this way.

All the best,