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regarding hiv infection


i had sex continously two days with two different people and on the second day alone i used a double condom just for few minutes, but i didnt cum and im quite sure that it didnt break. is there any possibility for me to get infected. whats yeast infection in the penis?


Hello and thank you for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.

While we highly recommend using one condom, we don't recommend using two condoms. This can actually cause friction that can make the condoms both more likely to tear. However, condoms are very noticeable when they break so it sounds like they did not tear in your case. Using one condom correctly and consistently is a low risk activity for the passing of HIV; this means that there has only been a few reports of infection attributed to this activity but usually under certain identifiable conditions such as the condom breaking.

Here is a link that I hope will answer your questions about yeast infection of the penis:

Thanks for your question and please feel free to write us back at any time.