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regarding hiv infection


i had a protected sex (double condom mistakenly) with a sex worker. but im quite sure the condom didnt break. as i was into her for 2 to 3 minutes and i didnt cum. i had a hiv test on the 30th day after sexual intercourse and it came as negative. will there be any possibility in change of results after 3 months. i also wanted to say the girl let her tongue into the condom before wearing it on my penis.. will that saliva present in the condom infect me...im sure i didnt have any cut in my penis.. will that drop of saliva goes into my pee hole get me infected. please reply as soon as possible..


Hi there and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.

As you may be aware of, wearing a condom is one of the most cost-effective way to protect one person from acquiring HIV and some other STIs. Wearing more than one condoms is an incorrect way, however would still provide absolute protection if there is no breakage.

Meanwhile, saliva is not a bodily fluid that contains high level of HIV. People cannot acquire HIV from others' saliva, even through receiving unprotected oral sex. Sex work is merely an occupation. People of that occupation often practice safe sex to protect themselves. Your sex partner has already shown you she practices safe sex all the time.

All HIV tests are conclusive at 3 months and no retest is necessary after that time mark. In your situation, I will assume that you had an antibody test (the most common HIV test in Canada). An antibody test has a window period of 4 weeks to 3 months and can detect up to 95% of the infections within 28-42 days. Results at 30 days is unlikely to change in 3 months, especially in your case because you were having protected sex.

I hope I have ease some of your concern, and that you can move on from this scenario. Please write us back at anytime for further assistance.

All the best,