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Risk of exposure ? Urgent Question


About 5 months ago I had an annual check completed which was negative. Recently while at university I hooked up with a girl at a party. We had protected sex for about 5min then I used my fingers on her vagina penetrating in and out for about 10min. I see that I have small cuts from dry cracked hands from the dry winter weather. If she had HIV was is that chances her vaginal fluid went into my small cuts and affected me ?

It's been 5 weeks since and I got another HIV test done. Will get results soon.

Is 5 weeks a good predictor and what are the chances ?

Thanks and appreciate the info


Hi there and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver Helpline as your source for HIV/AIDS related information.

As you may be aware of, having protected sex (with a condom on) is one of the most cost effective way to protect one person from acquiring HIV and some other STIs.
Fingering shares a negligible risk for acquiring HIV. By saying "negligible", I mean that risk of transmission is only in theory and has not yet been proven. Even if there are small cuts on your hand, your bloodstream is still being protected by many skin layers - small cuts only damage the epidermis but not the bloodstream. An example of an open cut that would slightly possible to pose risk of HIV acquisition is a deep knife cut. In that example, the person would have already be severely bleeding.

Assuming you were having a HIV antibody test, testing at 5 weeks would give you a very good indicator of your status. A HIV antibody test has a window period of 4 weeks to 3 months and can detect up to 95% of the infections within 4-6 weeks. At 3 months, all HIV tests are conclusive and no retest is necessary after that time mark. Combing with your low-risk exposure, testing at 5 weeks will give you an assurance result of your status.

I hope I have addressed your concerns. Please feel free to write us back at anytime for further assistance.

All the best,