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Risk of receiving oral sex



At first, Much appreciate with your timely reply regarding to my questions all the time.
I was well edcuated from all info. you provided.

I was in risk of receiving oral sex 10 weeks ago. and freak out of being tested in my 12 week.I have below questions and hope to have your timely reply.
1. As you mentioned, Most people were detectable at their week 4~6. It is around 95% accurate.My question is why it is not 100%? What is the exceptions of these 5% not detectable? Are the reasons possibly being preexisting immunodeficiency, undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, or undergoing Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)?
2. Noticed the hiv risk of receiving oral sex is still a controversial issue. For example, CDC claims it is low risk, but not zero risk. Then, why both you and Smartsex Resource are so confident to classify it being either no risks or negligible risks. Just because of no any documented report of hiv being passed from receiving oral sex?

Hope to have your treasure reply for my question.


Hey there, thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver again!

1) The tests are never conclusive before the 3 month mark because some people are still producing detectable levels of anti-bodies. For some people this could be due to pre-existing conditions depending on the person. All those conditions and more apply to why tests can never be confirmed to full accuracy right away. As time passes, the tests get more accurate, and we know that at 4-6 weeks, there is a 95% detection rate. 2) There is still a theoretical chance of passing HIV through Oral Sex. The risk of transmission through giving oral sex is low risk, and the risk of receiving oral sex is negligible (Meaning no reported cases even though there was bodily fluid passed). It also depends on if it was protected or unprotected. The only known cases of transmission are under the Low-Risk "Identifiable Conditions", which would be pre-existing STI's, poor oral hygiene or overall health.

I hope this information answer's your question, and please contact us if you have any more questions.