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Dear sir i want to know before 3 month i went to the lab for cbc testing and i found that lab technician is not changed needle to taking my blood is that any possibility to spread hiv.

Kindly please suggest me
Thank you sir


Hi and welcome to the Helpline,

It sounds like you're concerned about acquiring HIV from a needle.

To start with, I don't really have enough detail to comment accurately about the situation. If the needle had a barrel at the top, then there may be a risk there. If there was no barrel, then there isn't a risk. This is because bodily fluids containing HIV need to be transferred from person to person without contacting the air first. With air contact, the virus immediately becomes inactive and cannot transmit.

If you really do think that there is a risk here, then at 3 months post-possible exposure you are able to get a test and receive a conclusive result. However, medical professionals are highly trained and know better than to re-use needles. Is it possible that you simply didn't see the lab technician change the needle?

Regardless, I wish you the best whether you decide to take the test or not.


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