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Safer sex with worker



I had protected sex with a sex worker.

I wore a condom and it did not break.

I have no sti's and have been tested.

Should I worry about HIV and get tested?


Hello and thanks for the questions. It is nice to talk to someone who has educated themselves and who takes their sexual health seriously. A condom is the best defense to avoid passing HIV and used correctly a condom will not allow the HIV virus to pass. It should also be noted that it is not the person, however the activity that may pass HIV. Having intercourse with a condom is a low risk activity as factors, such as tears or breaks are factored in, and we are confident you will not be exposed to HIV from your activities.

The high risk activities which may expose a person to HIV are unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse and injecting with shared needles. While you will likely not be exposed to HIV from the information you have provided we do encourage all sexually active persons to regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

All the very best,