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Saliva "Spit" from HIV Pos Friend


Dear Helpline,
I have really been worried about an incident five weeks ago. An HIV positive friend who has gum bleeding problems "spit" into my eye in a conversation. If he had blood in his mouth, did I get infected? I usually rub my right eye because of irritation and that has made me worry more because I rubbed my eye a lot before his spit. Do I have to test because I am extremely worried.



Hello, we have no evidence of HIV passed into the eyes from infectious body fluids, including blood. Please note that HIV specialists and scientists are still studying this issue. Taking infectious blood into the eye from a person living with HIV who is not being treated with medication would be considered a low risk if this indeed happened. As you do not know if this actually happened this would be considered negligible, and you would not require HIV testing.

Please talk to you friend and work to protect both him and yourself. We do encourage all sexually active persons to regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Please keep in mind, that HIV is not airborne and if this were the case, all the world would be living with or at risk for HIV.