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Saliva on Towel and HIV Transmission


Hi, Last week I had a protected blow job in a massage center, Before that she licked my balls. Finally she wiped the balls with warm towel and cleaned the tip of my penis with the same towel. All happened with in 5 to 10 mins of time. Her Status is unknown, do i carry any risk of getting HIV?


Hi there, and thanks a lot for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline for your HIV/AIDS related health information. It sounds like you are concerned about your risk of HIV transmission after a protected blow job and the protected licking of your scrotum.

This situation you have described is a Negligible Risk. All of the practices assigned to this risk level present a potential for HIV transmission because they do involve the exchange of body fluids. However, there has never been a confirmed report.

This situation is considered Negligible Risk because:

  • You wore a condom for the blowjob. A condom acts as a barrier to HIV transmission.

  • Saliva has an enzyme that inhibits the transmission of HIV.

  • HIV needs a human host to survive. Once it is outside of the body (on a towel) and exposed to oxygen, it can no longer transmit.

  • HIV is a human - to - human virus. You cannot get HIV from an object. For example: a towel.

I would encourage you to check out the following resources for more information about HIV:

Thanks again for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline.


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