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same fingers


Today i had visited a massage parlor and things happened so quickly the lady fingered her vagina for 5 minutes and came later she put the same fingers in my anus and today i noticed blood from my anus and my anus was hurting when water touched it i had conctipation for 4 days and when i was pooping in the morning o had blood and tonight this happened
I am really worry and want to commit suicide
Can i get hiv with this?


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about the possibility of HIV transmission through fingering where your partner had fingered themselves, and then used the same finger in your anus.

From the information given, this scenario is determined to be Negligible Risk (There is no evidence or documented cases of transmission). This scenario is determined to be Negligible only due to the theoretical risk of HIV transmission that it provides. Fingering is not commonly associated with HIV risk of transmission, unless there is a considerable amount of blood present with open wounds on the finger. Because you are talking about the transfer of possible HIV positive fluid from one person to yourself, there may be a theoretical risk for transmission.

Our HIV Transmission Equation states that in order for HIV transmission to occur, three requirements must be met. These requirements include: presence of HIV positive fluid (semen, pre-cum, vaginal fluid, blood, anal secretion, or breast milk), with direct access to the bloodstream, through a High, Low, or Negligible Risk activity.

In the scenario you have described, each of these are met except the direct access to the bloodstream

By "direct access" we mean that the virus must travel directly from the fluid or bloodstream of another directly into the body of another individual. What you have described is that your partner had fingered themselves, and subsequently fingered you minutes later with the same fingers. This does not satisfy the transmission equation entirely.

When exposed to the environment, HIV positive fluid undergoes a rapid reduction in concentration and quickly becomes rendered inactive. In this case, HIV positive fluid would have had to be transferred directly from one individual to the next, and not traveled via an external tool (their fingers).

For these reasons it is highly unlikely that you are at risk for HIV transmission.

Recommendation: There are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission refer to Physician for more personalized answers.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, Cody