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scared of being infected


please i had sex with two condom worn but discovered one was broken but the other intact and tested the girl immidaitely and discover she was positive. and not aware of it . i went the nxt day and started pep with two combination [lamuvudin and tenofovir} but 5days later was told by a pharmacist that 2 combination from same class is not protective ; then immidaitely added effaverenz to it . is 8th day today and am so worried cos of the two combination i started with and introducing the last one after 72hours. pls help me


Hi there and thanks for reaching out to the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. My name is Colin and I am happy to try to answer your questions today.

I can certainly sympathize with how difficult the month during your PEP treatment is, especially if you have concerns about your specific drug cocktail. From what you've described already, it seems like you have already partnered with a medical team who are overseeing your care. As I am not a doctor and do not have training in the specifics of prescribing medications, I will have to ask you to defer to your medical team whom I'm sure are doing their best to provide you the best care they can. If you have questions about the efficacy of your specific cocktail, I would encourage you to speak to your prescribing physician about any risks or mitigating factors as they will be more knowledgeable than our organization in that respect.

One thing I must note, however, is that it is never a good idea to wear two condoms at the same time. While the logic behind it is certainly understandable (two condoms must equal twice the protection!) this is absolutely not the case and the increased friction between the two pieces of rubber vastly increase the chances that one or both condoms will break. Condoms are extensively tested before they are put on store shelves and a single condom is much much less likely to break or tear on its own than it is when worn with another condom. I would highly encourage you to check out this great Safe Sex Resource for lots of great information about to have the best, most fun sex you can while maintain best safer sex practices.

Good luck with the rest of your PEP course! I hope everything works out well for you. Please feel free to contact us again if you'd like any more information or clarification.

All the best,


AIDS Vancouver Helpline