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scratched by a sharp blister strip


the country where i come from medicines are dispensed in a blister strip. now this one had a very sharp edge, and it belonged to HIV positive individual with a AIDS complex. he was showing me the medicines and the sharp edge struck me on my thumb although there was no visible scratch cut or open skin the point at which it struck showed sub cutenous haemorrhage and pain .
now thinking if this had happened to him also . are there any chances of transmission howevere remote. i know that HIV breaks down immediately in contact with air..


Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions. We're happy to help!

There is No Risk in the situation you described! As you said, HIV cannot survive upon exposure to air/the outside environment out of the body. The virus becomes inactivated and damaged and can no longer be passed on to other individuals. Additionally, the cut you describe would not be sufficient for HIV transmission. In order for HIV to be transmitted it needs direct access to the bloodstream. That is only provided by cuts that are severe, such as ones requiring immediate medical attention such as stitches.

I hope this helped! For more information about HIV transmission, please visit avert.org.



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