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Semen/Cum Exposed to Air


I just want to confirm that semen/pre cum exposed to air does not pose a risk for transmission. I recently had protected sex with a guy …twice. I am concerned about the risk of precum and semen from his hands touching the condom while putting it on for the second go around.
Sorry if my questions sound absurd. I have extreme anxiety.


Hi there,

Thank you for your inquiry, from what we gather from your question, you were asking about the risk of HIV transmission from the presence of seminal fluid on the outside of a condom.

From the information you have provided, this scenario is determined to be of Negligible Risk (There are no evidence or no documented cases of transmission). You are correct in your assumption that HIV exposed to oxygen does not pose a risk for HIV transmission. However, although HIV is considered to be extremely volatile when exposed to environmental surfaces (such as the outside of a condom), there is still a theoretical possibility of transmission (1). While HIV does not live long outside of the body and cannot reproduce outside of a human host, the exact time frame for HIV survival is not well studied. For this reason, we maintain that there is a theoretical risk with an extremely low probability rate.

The scenario provided does not technically satisfy our HIV Transmission Equation.

Bodily fluid is present without a direct access to the bloodstream.

Recommendation: There is no evidence or documented cases of transmission. Please refer to a Physician for more personalized answers. It is important to always know your HIV status.

All the best,

AIDS Vancouver Online/Helpline, Cody