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So had a hook up and little bit of pnp was involved


So regretting the night pretty much was a hook up which included a 3 some and no intercourse but oral sex without a condom both giving and receiving and making out was involved but after I checked my penis and saw red dots freaking out if the guy cut my dick and now I am trying to reach the guys and no call backs or txt am worried because if they were trying to hide something about there status informed me that they were negative but only way to find out is to get tested but just worried


Hey there, thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver

Receiving oral sex a negligible risk, (Even though there was an exchange of bodily fluid, there has never been a confirmed report) Giving oral sex is considered low risk, mostly due to the "Identifiable conditions" ( Pre-existing STI's, poor oral hygiene and overall heath ). You cannot transfer HIV from kissing, there is no risk in that area.

HIV transmission through cuts and sores is very unlikely. It sounds like the red dots are irritated skin, but even if the skin was broken, there has only been one reported case of HIV transmission through a wound, and that was during an extremely bloody knife fight.

We always recommend testing for HIV and other STI's, as other STI's pass on easier.

I hope we were able to help, and please feel free to contact us again with any other concerns you might have.