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So scared...


My ex boyfriend gave me oral sex and now he saying he has a white rash in his mouth and he says its getting bigger! What could this be???


Hi and thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Helpline. We are a team of trained volunteers and are not medical professionals, so I cannot comment or diagnose the particular problem you described. Giving oral sex poses only a negligible risk for HIV transmission but could open the way for other sexually transmitted infections; therefore, I encourage both you and your former partner to see your doctors and get tested so that appropriate treatment can be started if it is needed. If you don't have a family doctor a walk-in, or ambulatory clinic could likely help you to sort this out.

wish you all the best.

Kind regards, Marnelle Helpline Volunteer helpline@aidsvancouver.org Helpline MON-FRI 9am-4pm Tel. (604) 696-4666