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so worried


I am a college student from Chicago. I greatly appreciate wonderful job you're doing here.

Here are my three concerns.

1) It happened two years ago. I was masturbating with my friend to contest who fires longer distance (we are not gays, we were stupid). And we suddenly came up with this idea to put on condom and I asked him to pass a condom.

This dude was too kind to open and check the condom before passing it to me.

I suddenly started to worry this 2 years old incident. I think there might be pre-cum on the condom because he touched it while opening/checking/passing the condom.

2) I had a razor cut which was older than 14 hours. Is is possible for HIV to enter through the cut?

3) This is a little embarrassing. I entered my room and my roommate and his girlfriend was having a sex. I am close with her too. They playfully ask to join.

I didn't have a sex with them but kissed her and sucked her breast for a couple of minutes. And she gave me an oral for a minute.

Since my roommates was already having a sex with her, I think I doubled the danger (his/her saliva + his pre-cum in her mouth)

Right after I checked inside mouth, penis, for any cut, and didn't have any except a razor cut on the face the one I decried above.

I am worrying if I was exposed myself to any possible infection in the above three situation? I kind of started to panic.

Thank you so much for the help.



1) This incident poses no risk for the transmission of HIV. HIV requires direct access to your bloodstream in order for there to be a risk of transmission. Your friend possibly getting pre-cum on the outside of the condom you used does not provide this access.

2) Small cuts that have already started to heal over do not provide HIV access to the bloodstream and therefore are not a risk for HIV transmission.

3) Kissing someone's mouth and body pose no risk for the transmission of HIV. Receiving oral sex is considered a negligible risk. This means that while there is the possibility for the exchange of bodily fluids, there has never been a reported case of HIV being transmitted this way.

Testing is not required for any of the encounters you have described, and you can be confident that you do not have HIV.

In health, Erin