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soccer and dried blood


hi, i'm have OCD and things like contact with dried blood kind of make me panic. I was playing soccer in a gymnasium when i noticed a dark red stain drop on the floor. It was kind of the outline of a drop of dried blood. I'm not sure how old it was, but my concern is that i stepped of it. If i did, would this mean that my shoe is now carrying HIV? Could my shoe pass it onto my hands when i it off? And if i went to the bathroom or something else immediately after that or got a cut, could i acquire hiv?
thank you


Thank you for your inquiry.

The scenario you describe does not present a risk for HIV transmission.

Scientists and medical authorities agree that HIV does not survive well in the environment, making the possibility of environmental transmission remote. Drying of HIV infected human blood or other body fluids reduces the risk of environmental transmission to that which has been observed — essentially zero. (1)

In order to contract HIV the following conditions must be met:

1 - There must be HIV present in a bodily fluid. The five bodily fluids that carry the HIV virus include: blood, semen (including pre-ejaculate), vaginal fluids, breast milk, and rectal secretions.

2 - The bodily fluid containing HIV must have direct access to the bloodstream. This can be through cuts, tears, rips, mucous membranes, open sores, or needles.

3 - Transmission occurs through a risky activity in which the first two conditions are met. For example: condom less sex, sharing needles, unsafe tattoos or piercings, vertical transmission–from mother to child (in utero, during delivery, breastfeeding) (2)

The circumstances you describe with dried blood on the floor do not meet conditions 2 and 3, and most likely do not meet condition 1 since you have no evidence that the blood came from a person with HIV, and there is no certainty that this was even a blood stain.

Recommendation: No further action is required

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer, Dyson