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sucking breast and kissing asshole


I sucked breast of a prostitute (she was probably not lactating ) and kissed her ass hole. She showed me her test report she was both hiv and syphillis negative on December 13 and told me she always uses condom. I have sores in my mouth and chapped lips. Can a drop of milk spread hiv? Do I need to test for hiv ?



I would just like to begin by saying that HIV does not discriminate based on age, sex, occupation or socio-economic status. A commercial sex worker is no more likely than anyone else to be HIV positive. In fact, most commercial sex workers receive periodic testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as their income depends on it.

Sucking someone's breast is not a risk for the transmission of HIV. Taking breast milk into the mouth is considered a negligible risk for the transmission of HIV. This means there has never been a reported case of HIV being transmitted in this way.

Licking someone's anus, also called anilingus, is also considered a negligible risk for the transmission of HIV.

Testing is not required for the situations you have described, and you can be confident in your HIV negative status.

In health, Erin