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symptoms for 2 months, do I have HIV?


I had protected sex 2 month ago and I know its protected and hiv can't be passed this way but during the intercourse I heard the condom pop but after ejaculation when I took out I couldn't see it break but since then after 10 days I had fatigue and diarrhea which lasted 1 month and swollen lymph nodes on my neck which lasted about 5 weeks and my main problem is some mouth lesions or ulcers inside my mouth in the area between the wisdom tooth and the tongue and I get sore throat till now that come and go and also night sweats now I know I used a condom but these symptoms have no other explanation I made cbc which was normal t3,t4 were normal also negative for epv and mono and negative at 27 days for syphlis and gnorrhea.

I went for an hiv antibody test at 27 days after the exposure which came back negative but I don't know what generation it is but its name is hiv 1,2 antibody test
and also tested negative at 47 days using the same test they took blood from the vein not finger prick
so what are my chances that I am hiv positive and are these mouth problems an ars symptoms that stay for this long?



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question, you were asking about whether the symptoms you are experiencing are indicators of being HIV positive. HIV symptoms mirror other viral infections such as the flu, testing is the only way to know whether you are HIV positive.

The average window period of a rapid test (looks for anti-HIV antibodies) is 22 days, and the average window period for 4th generation tests (looks for anti-HIV antibodies and HIV p24 antigen) is 18 days [1]. At 47 days, the results are considered conclusive.

Recommendation: Refer to physician for more personalized answers.

Regards, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online, Ashley