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Hi! I met a guy, french kissed and touching his penis with my hand - it had precum on it. I do not remember if I has any lession on my hand.

After a while (around 4-6 weeks after) I developed - angular cheilitis, a cold sore and a mouth ulcer. The angular cheilitis was reccurent for a while.

I got two tests that were negative:

- one immunocromatography test at around 9 weeks
- one Elisa at exacly 12 weeks!

My question is - do I NEED TO TEST AGAIN?

Thank you!



Thank you for your inquiry. From what we gather from the question you are asking about the conclusivity of the tests you took.

At 12 weeks an ELISA test is considered conclusive, so with a negative result you can be confident you are not HIV positive.

Your symptoms could have any number of causes. Please refer to a physician for any other health-related questions.

Thank you and have a good day! Regards,

Sara, AIDS Vancouver Helpline/Online