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Syndrome of HIV


I had a protected sex with a prostitute three days ago. Ever since then, I have been sleeping 9-10 hours a day and still feeling tired after waking up. I have been feeling tired throughout the days and hard to concentrate. I have also noticed my lymph nodes are swelling. Can this be a sign of my body acting up on the HIV virus. Isn't it usually take 2-4 weeks for body to react to HIV virus?

Here are my possible encounters with the prostitute that I think could have transmitted HIV to me:
1. She used her hand to wash my penis and anus before and after the intercourse.
2. Her vagina fluid on my pubic hair got flush to the tip of my penis during shower.
3. She used tissue paper to remove the condom after sex, the tissue paper might have touched the tip of my penis.

Thanks for your help!


Hello using a condom is a low risk for passing HIV and used correctly, a condom will not allow the virus to pass. Being tired is not an indication of HIV and you should listen to your body and sleep as needed. You likely do not have swollen lymph-nodes and most people who believe this actually have stress that tightens the jaw and throat. Some people may become ill from 2-6 weeks after infection however many other who have been exposed to HIV will not get ill at all during this time.

None of the issues you are experiencing are any relation to being exposed to HIV.

Washing of your genitals by another person is not a risk for HIV.
Having vaginal fluid touch your groin and tip of penis will not expose you to HIV. Fluids cannot enter the tip of your penis, and then travel up into your urethra (located inside of penis).
A tissue that may have touched your penis is not a risk for HIV.

A commercial sex worker is no more likely to pass HIV than anyone else and it is the activity, not the person that may pass HIV. The high risk activities that may pass HIV are having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with a person living with HIV and injecting with shared needles with a person living with HIV.

In closing you have had a very low risk for HIV and if the condom did not break you have had no risk.

We do recommend that all sexually active persons regularly test for all sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and we are quite confident that you will find that you are not living with the HIV virus.