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Test after 80 days


In 3 december 2015 . I had sex without condom with girl and i was worry . In 13 december 2015 i took the girl for test hiv and she had oraquick test and she was negative .

In the same day i had another sex with her without condom . Then i was worry . I went to took test in 19 december its call hiv rna qulatitive and it was negative .

After 35 days from the second relation i had another test its call hiv1&2 antigen antibody . And was negative But i dont know with generation .
And i went again after 58 days after second relation to same test and was negative .
And i went again after80 days from second relation that happened on 13 december to the same test hiv1&2 antigen& antibody and i had result after two hours and the result was negative .

And i went to doctor for blood and he ask me for cd4/cd8 ratio and thr result was 2 and he told me you dont have any problem in your immune system , and the test for immune system did after two month from the second relation that happened on december 13 . Do you think i need mor test or im ok . Thank u


Thank you for reaching out to AIDS Vancouver with your query.

It sounds as though you are looking for some reassurance about your test results following two high risk encounters in December.

The antigen/antibody test that you took is a 4th Generation test. In Canada we still consider this test conclusive at 3 months (84 days) however some specialists now agree that results from just 6 weeks are accurate enough that no further testing is required. It sounds like you are already in partnership with your doctor who has advised that the results are acceptable, and we always recommend you take the advice of a qualified medical professional above all else.

I would like to let you know that antibody-only tests, including the Oraquick, are not able to detect cases of new infection until at least 4 weeks after the exposure. While it's great that you and your partner were able to have an open discussion and go for testing together, it is important to remember that both of you need to be 4 weeks clear of any previous partners for a result to give a reliable indication, and 3 months for a conclusive result.

The most important thing is that you protect yourself and are comfortable with the risks of your encounters. We have a Risk Assessment online which gives the risks associated with some common activities, and some of our clients like to consider lower risk activities if condoms are not available. There are also other options, such as PrEP medication, which is popular among people who have multiple partners and cannot guarantee that condoms will always be used - if this sounds like you, please talk to your doctor and he will be able to give you some details about availability and pricing in your area.

I hope that this information helps you. Please continue to work with your doctor.

Best wishes

Wendy (Volunteer)