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Tested negative after 1 year, is it accurate?


my last time unsafe sex was in Feb 2012, i did HIV test in March 2013 and in October 2013, both test results come back to be negative. a few months ago i once had a big pimple on my labiumlabia, also i notice i get strange tiny pimples here and there randomly over my body such as on my wrist, on the surface of my feet, on my arms, etc.. also recently i feel swollen lymph behind my knee and feel minor pain around that area. i can't help being worried, am I safe?



HIV tests are considered conclusive after 3 months post-exposure. Having 2 negative tests a year after exposure is definitely considered conclusive. You do not have HIV and require no further testing for HIV.

We do not use symptoms as an indication of the presence of HIV. Symptoms can be highly variable and do not show up in everyone. The only way to be sure of your status is to receive testing, which it is great you have done.

I would encourage communication with your doctor to discover the true causes behind your symptoms.

In health, Erin