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Too many concerns ....was cut.....am I at risk? Need to test?


Thankyou for providing such a great helpline.
I recently got with a woman (bit older than I). We did not have vaginal or anal sex.
However we both touched each other's privates, massaged with oil and there was some breast play.
A couple of things I'm concerned out is...
1. I touched her labia did not insert any fingers in the vagina. There was some fluid.
2. After touching her private area, I also touched her nipples and breast with possible fluid on them.
3. Her fingernail cut my shaft. After our meeting I'd noticed a red scratch and red it irritated dots ( from her nail -friction ).
4. I then proceeded to have sex with her breasts. They were covered in oil and possible vaginal fluid from when I touched her privates.
5. As I had a cut on my penis i am worried her fluids entered the cut.
6. We showered and I rubbed my chest, then soaped my hands, rinsed and washed my privates. Worried if fluid could've rinsed down to my penis /hole.

Do I need to test? I am worried especially cause I had a fresh cut and her fluid could've entered it.
Thankyou for any help you can provide.



The activities you have described would be classified as a negligible risk, even with the cut on your penis. A negligible risk means that while there is theoretically the potential for the exchange of bodily fluids, there has never been a reported case of HIV being transmitted in this way.

HIV requires direct access to your bloodstream in order for there to be a risk of infection, none of these activities provide this, even with a small cut present. Your cut would have had to be deep and heavily bleeding, such as one sustained in a knife fight, in order for there to be an increased risk.

This means that you are not at risk for HIV from this encounter and you do not require testing for HIV either.

In health, Erin