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I was exposed to a csw some time ago,condom broke so i had to go for peep,but my lymph node has enlarged,both sides...
(2)could this be that am infected or its becouse of peep..?
(1)and how long after finishing peep should i wait before i go for a test to confirm..
(3)am taking these drugs but am not aware if she is really positive,what is she is not hiv+,can it cause any harm to me..because condom broke during sex,so i had to go for them,please help me



2) There can be many causes of enlarged lymph nodes and being on PEP is known to have severe side-effects. The only way to know your HIV status for sure is to receive testing. We do not use symptoms as an indication of the presence of HIV as they are highly variable and do not show up in everyone.

1) We recommend testing at 6 months post-exposure for individuals who have been on PEP.

3) Taking PEP is safe. There may be side effects that can make it difficult to complete the full 28 days of treatment, but there is no harm to your body from being on PEP.

In health, Erin