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By touching myself ...have I stupidly put myself at risk?


I recently had a sexual experience with a friend of mine who is a sex worker ie she gives adult erotic massages that end in mutual masturbation.
Stupidly, I asked for one.
I touched her, she was wet, but I didn't put my finger fully in her, maybe at most, a finger tip.
However things have got me concerned.
#1. I used the same hand to assist in masturbating me and of course had touched around my head/ hole.
#2. In the shower, she'd washed her genitals, then washed mine immediately after.
#3. She gave me a blowjob, but I wore a condom.

Thankyu so much for any help you can provide. I've read that it takes fluid to transmit the virus and we were both quite wet.



1) HIV is a very fragile virus when outside the human body and begins to break down immediately upon contact with the air. The situation you have described would be considered a negligible risk, as there is the theoretical chance for exchange of bodily fluids, however, there has never been a confirmed report of HIV being transmitted this way.

2) As in the previous response, HIV cannot survive outside the human body and is not passed through contact such as this.

3)Receiving oral sex with a condom is considered a safe sex act and is not a risk for the transmission of HIV.

To summarize, you are not at risk of HIV from these encounters and you do not require testing for HIV.

In health, Erin