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Truvada? Walk in clinic correct? NEED EFFECTIVE HELP


Within the past 24hr i believe i have been exposed to an hiv+ male's body fluid, secondary party informed me to this - claimed he was undetected.. regardless of that i am extremely frightened by the potentiality of myself being infected. Oral to anal area/ anal fluid with out knowledge. dumb. i went to a walk in clinic "City Md" to address this issue, i was prescribed truvada and isentress to help prevent the infection... was this an appropriate choice? i want to seek out correct effective help asap!!



The situation was very low risk. People with undetectable HIV viral load levels very rarely pass the virus onto others, and moreover, anilingus is a negligible risk activity (there are no recorded cases of anyone acquiring HIV this way). I am not a doctor, but based on this information, taking PEP may not be necessary.

Are you in Vancouver? Did the doctor at the walk in clinic schedule you for a follow up appointment? If you aren't being monitored by a doctor, and you are in Vancouver, I suggest calling the Immunodeficiency Clinic at St Paul's Hospital at 604-806-8060 to ask them what to do.

I hope that found this information helpful