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it happened that my girfriend tested poz.......we've had so many unprotected sex together before she tested and discovered that she is poz.......i tested at six weeks,using a rapid test and i tested neg....i did another test at the nineth week, also usind the rapid test whc wz also neg....nw d problem z dat am so scared to do the final test, because i feel it could turn positive at the twelveth week..........please, i just want to comfirm if i could turn positive within the three weeks interval to make a conclusive test.......please, i need a confident answer



Having a negative test result at 6 and 9 weeks is a very good indication of your HIV status, however, these results are not considered conclusive. These results are a great indication of your status, and the results of your test at 12 weeks are very unlikely to change. This is because up to 95% of infections are detectable within 4-6 weeks post-exposure. Nothing is 100% however, so the possibility is there that the results could change, but as stated, that would be very unlikely.

In health, Erin