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Unprotected gay love


You are doing great job!! Keep it up pls!

I have just found my love for life! Sadly he is HIV positive, but we have just discovered that 5 months ago.

Before he was tested, I had unprotected anal and oral sex with him. Sometime aggressive sex.

After he was tested positive I was sure that he infected me but we decided to stop sex actually he decided to stop sex because he loves me and asked me to test so I did at 10,16 and 20 weeks mark and the results were always negative. We are both very happy about my result!!! Now we are planning to get some consultancy on our sex life and move on.

But can I really rely on the 20 weeks mark negative test although my boy tested positive.

I love my boy soo much and would like to be with him healthy looking after him and loving him.

Thank you - Kiss


Hi there and thank you for contacting the AIDS Vancouver Online Helpline.

HIV tests taken 12 or more weeks after exposure are considered to be conclusive. This means that the tests you took at 16 and 20 weeks can be considered conclusive as long as there were no other exposures in between this time. As you may already know, having unprotected anal sex is considered to be a high risk activity, giving oral sex is considered to be a low risk, and receiving oral sex is considered to be negligible risk.

If you live in the Vancouver area or in British Columbia I would recommend that you give our HIV hotline (1-844-463-6448) a call as there are a number of resources for sero-discordant couples (one partner is HIV+ and one is negative) that we may be able to refer you to. One of these programs is our Case Management Program whose purpose is to provide support and information for situations such as yours. They can provide you with the information you are seeking so that you can have a safe and fulfilling relationship with your loved one. You may call them directly at 604-696-4676 or you may check their webpage.

For more information about HIV you can always visit the AIDS Vancouver website or check out CATIE.org.

I hope this information helps to answer your questions.

Isla (Volunteer)

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