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unprotected sex


Hello! I started having sex with a 31 yr old women whom I met on the internet. She claims she had multiple sexual partners before me. Iam a 27 yr old. I met her on 12th October 2013 and we started having sex regularly every next weekend till January 26th. I had protected as well unprotected sex with her. I had unprotected sex on 10th and 16th November 8 to 10 times. Sometimes she was on top of me and sometimes I was. I only had vaginal sex. Not Anal. She use to perform oral sex at me unprotected. I never performed oral on her at anytime. Except deep kissing and sucking her breast. Later on I felt some tingling sensation in my penis and it went away by its own. And again I started feeling the same and was having body pains, slight headache and sore mouth. I went for testing. I went on February 3rd 2014 for testing. I started having sex from October 12th and iam not really sure whether it was unprotected. So iam not counting it in my window period and iam counting it from November 10th where I knew it was unprotected for sure on November 10th and 16th 8 to ten times. So if I take November into wondow period my testing was of 11 weeks 78 days. All the stds came negative as well HIV1/2 AG/AB Combo screen came negative. But I still have sore mouth, slight body pains and sometimes slight headache. I lost 4 pounds. I guess coz I didn't ate properly from the time I was tested and got my results for 5 days as I was very worried and stressed.
Please help me.


Hey there, thanks for contacting AIDS Vancouver

HIV testing is 95% accuracte at 4-6 weeks, and conclusive at the 3 month mark. If your test came back negative for HIV, It's safe to say your test is conclusive.

As to addressing your questions, we never use symptoms as an indicator for HIV, mainly for the reason that other viral infections can mirror the same symptoms.

You should go see a doctor about your specific symptoms because other's STI's transfer more easily.

I hope this answers your question, and please contact us again if you need any help.