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Unprotected sex


I had unprotected sex with a girl and I did p24 combo test in the 19 days and it was negative and I did it agin after 31 days and it was negative
Do I HIV???


Hi there and thanks for using the AIDS Vancouver Helpline as a source for HIV/AIDS related information.

The 4th Generation EIA (duo/combo) Testing Method is an excellent testing method and many HIV Specialists consider this test conclusive at 6 weeks, post-exposure. Your test results at 19 days and 31 days are very good indications that you do not have HIV. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines consider all testing methods conclusive at 84 days (3 months).

I would encourage you to wait the 84 days and then be retested for conclusive results.

I trust I have addressed your concerns however, should further information be required, feel free to contact us again.

In good health,

Jonathan, AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer