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Unprotected sex


First of all, thank you in advance. I'm a 21 year old gay man.
The thing is, I had my first sexual encounter a while ago. It consisted of unprotected oral sex (I was on the receiving end) a few times about a month ago, all encounters with the same person. During those times I also received a rimjob (also unprotected) and mutual masturbation that involved contact between my penis and the other guy's, there was a lot of contact with pre-cum, none of us got to ejaculate during the act, I know mutual masturbation isn't considered a risky activity but... I wonder, is there any risk of HIV (or any other STI) from the contact of body fluids such as pre-cum or semen with the opening of the urethra??
I'm mostly worried about the HIV risk of these activities. I've read that they are low risk activities, however, should I consider being tested for HIV? Or am I just overreacting?

Please help me.


Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver helpline with your HIV related questions and concerns. We're happy to help!

Receiving oral sex is considered to be a Negligible Risk for HIV transmission. This means that although it may be possible in theory, there hasn't been a single case of transmission in this way. Some of the reasons for this are that HIV isn't transmitted through saliva, and saliva contains protective enzymes that break down bacteria and viruses.

Mutual masturbation is No Risk for HIV transmission. This is because there is no direct exchange of bodily fluids (direct meaning directly to mucous membranes from one persons body to the other, as in penetrative sex). Even if the bodily fluids were getting in contact with the urethra here, the difference is it's at the surface, and the bodily fluids are being exposed to the environment outside of the body. HIV is a delicate virus that cannot survive outside of the body: it becomes damaged and inactivated and can no longer be passed on, thus eliminating any risk.

The situations you described don't necessarily require HIV testing on their own, however, it is recommended that all sexually active individuals get tested annually for HIV and STIs as part of their health maintenance, so if you haven't been tested, it may be good for your peace of mind.

I hope this helped! For more info about how HIV is transmitted, please visit avert.org and for more information about safe sex, please visit smartsexresource.com



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